Trailer Watch: Claire Denis’ “Both Sides of the Blade” Finds Juliette Binoche in a Love Triangle

“When you love someone it never really goes away,” says Juliette Binoche in a new trailer for “Both Sides of the Blade.” Claire Denis’ erotic thriller sees the Oscar winner playing Sara, a woman torn between her past and present lovers.

The spot introduces us to Jean (Vincent London), Sara’s current partner, and François (Grégoire Colin), her ex. It was through François that Sara met Jean — the men were best friends.

After having no contact for years, Sara sees François in the street, and is flooded with emotion. It’s not long before he reenters her and Jean’s lives, and he and Sara reignite their romance. “Here we go again — the love, the fear, the sleepless nights,” she observes.

Denis won Best Director at the Berlinale for “Both Sides of the Blade.” Binoche also toplined her previous two features, 2018’s “High Life” and 2017’s “Let the Sunshine In.” Her latest film, Margaret Qualley-starrer “Stars at Noon,” made its world premiere at Cannes in May and tied for the fest’s Grand Prix honor.

Binoche won an Oscar for “The English Patient” and received a nod for “Chocolat.”

“Both Sides of the Blade” arrives in theaters July 8. Denis penned the script.

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