Free Movie of the Day: Blood Born (2021)

On the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel, we will be posting one full movie every day of the week, giving viewers the chance to watch them entirely free of charge. For the Free Movie of the Day today, we have writer/director Reed Shusterman’s feature debut, the 2021 horror film Blood Born! You can watch the movie over on the YouTube channel linked above, or you can just watch it in the embed at the top of this article.

Blood Born has the following synopsis:

A couple who are about to give up on their dream of having children find a doula who promises a magical solution to their infertility problems, but when she moves in for a series of strange, taxing rituals, overseen by a charming – but dangerous – doctor, they find out that the magic is extremely risky and that the baby they’re about to have might not be quite human.

The film stars Rosie Moss, Antoine Perry, Melanie Haynes, Laurine Price, Cole Gerdes, Leah Verrill, Stacey Moseley, Jody Jaress, Tracy Winters, Jennifer Daley, Colin Cassidy, Chelsey Donn, Teri Gamble, Justin Giddings, Matt Mendoza, and Ryann Turner.

Online trivia notes that Shusterman started writing the script for Blood Born when he and his wife were trying to conceive. His wife was pregnant during the production. But don’t worry, Blood Born is fictitious. Any similarity to the story of any real magically conceived, inhuman babies is entirely coincidental.

So take a look at Blood Born – it’s free! – and let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

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