Islamabad Police to Take Action Against Non-Payment of E-Challans

Islamabad Police, along with the excise & taxation department, will take action against non-payment of e-challans and vehicle token taxes. The department made the announcement on its official Twitter account earlier today.

According to the announcement, the department will take action against those who fail to pay their e-challans or token taxes by June 30. It added that the excise department will place a dedicated desk for convenient verification of cars. The department will cease cars and bikes without standard number plates.

Islamabad police and excise department are also planning data integration for a more thorough and effective check and balance. Both departments believe that it will allow them to develop a strong inter-departmental alliance for the system’s overall betterment.

Islamabad police have also announced strict action against one-way traffic violators in the capital. It has formed a special task force to address the issue, which is monitoring all major highways of Islamabad including Expressway, Srinagar Highway, Margalla Road, IJP Road, and Murree Road, 7th Avenue, and 9th Avenue.

Authorities have been instructed to warn the offenders and take strict action against those who do not comply.

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