Trailer Watch: Lena Dunham Brings Back Awkwardness to the Bedroom in “Sharp Stick”

Lena Dunham is back with another sexually charged coming-of-age story. It’s been five years since “Girls” concluded, and the multi-hyphenate’s latest project follows another millennial woman with questionable taste in men. A new trailer for “Sharp Stick” introduces us to Sarah Jo (Kristine Froseth, “Looking for Alaska”), a naïve, sexually inexperienced 26-year-old living with her mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh, “Atypical”) and sister (Taylour Paige, “Zola”).

“Do you even get crushes?” Sarah Jo’s sister asks. “Not really,” she responds. But Sarah Jo finds herself drawn to her employer (Jon Bernthal, “The Punisher”) — a much older man who also happens to be married. “I know that makes me sound like I have no morals or scruples,” she says. She’s also worried that she’s lacking in skills. A cringe-inducing scene depicts her first attempt to perform fellatio. “Am I bad at sex?” she wonders.

Dunham made her feature directorial debut with 2009’s “Creative Nonfiction” and followed it up with 2010’s “Tiny Furniture.” She received eight Emmy nominations for her work on “Girls.” Since then, her credits have included “Camping,” “Generation,” and “Industry.” Her next feature, “Catherine, Called Birdy,” follows a 14-year-old girl living in medieval England. The adaptation of Karen Cushman’s book is expected to hit theaters September 23 and Prime Video October 7.

“Sharp Stick” made its world premiere at Sundance in January. It hits theaters July 29 and digital platforms August 16.

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