Now, handbook for Mumbai cops on dealing with loan apps

In view of rising cases, Mumbai Police publish 20-page booklet, laying down SOPs for filing FIRs as many cops do not know the process for such frauds

The booklet published by the Mumbai Police

To make city cops aware about the fake loan apps, the Mumbai Police released a 20-page booklet, laying down standard operating procedures (SOP) and distributed 5 booklets to each police station. The booklet explains offences related to loan apps and gives instructions on how to register and investigate such cases and the documents needed for the same.

The menace of online loan applications is increasing as more and more citizens are falling prey to it. mid-day did a series of reports covering the myriad of problems, forcing the government to act on it. The top officials had also given instructions to cops to take complaints regarding loan apps seriously. 

The booklet mentions the modus operandi of loan apps, how citizens get trapped in it, what details officers should seek from complainants for effective action and investigation. It also covers important aspects such as fund flow or money trail. 

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“The booklet is very helpful as many officers, who sit at station house to register cases, don’t know how to file FIRs for this type of fraud. The booklet not only gives a background of these apps and how they function, but guides how to register cases and what documents are required for investigation,” said a senior police officer. 

In the foreword for the booklet, Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey wrote, “As the fake loan app cases are largely reported in Mumbai city, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) have been introduced for Mumbai Police officers/men for easy understanding of the modus operandi of fake loan app fraud and implementation of standard procedure for investigation of such cyber crime cases.”

No. of booklets sent to each police station

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