Salman Khan is a man of few words but knows exactly what to say introduces its latest series that takes a behind the scenes look at films

Salman Khan/Instagram introduces its latest series, ‘BTS stars’ that takes a behind the scenes look at what goes into making films and celebrities look as great as they do!

Our first guest is celebrity stylist and designer, Ashley Rebello. Stylist to Salman Khan and several leading ladies, Ashley opens up about what goes into the job. Speaking about how he started styling Salman, he says, “I knew Malaika and Amrita Arora they spoke to Alvira Khan and said ‘you must work with Ashley. It’s really hard work and there’s no regret to what I have done. In real life he is very composed, a man of few words doesn’t say much but knows exactly what to say. He’s smart and intelligent”

Watch video to know more!


Ashley who has been working with Salman since Wanted (2005) recalls his favourite looks saying, “All his leather jackets and jeans. Ek Tha Tiger was huge in terms of style, cargos and all the young ones started emulating him, wearing cargos and the tight T-shirt, the Kafia scarf. There are a lot of iconic styles that he carries off very well and its now become his.”

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