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Kodak Black has spoken out about his recent arrest in Florida, saying the incident was a case of character assassination and racial profiling. The “Take One” rapper was pulled over in his car for reportedly having illegal window tinting before law enforcement officers discovered that Kodak’s license and registration were both expired.

When police began searching the purple Dodge Durango, they found 31 oxycodone pills — a highly addictive narcotic drug that’s often prescribed to people dealing with severe or chronic pain. He was arrested on the following drug charges: possession of a controlled substance without prescription and trafficking in oxycodone.

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Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, later revealed that the pills were actually medically prescribed to Kodak following a shooting back in February, when he was involved in an LA brawl. Speaking of the ordeal on Twitter on Tuesday, the 25-year-old said, “That’s no reason to even search my car in the first place and going to jail about having my medication in the car is insane. Ima Sue these people for every dollar I gotta spend bout this sh*t !”

Furthermore, Kodak believes that the incident was driven around racial profiling and character assassination, particularly because it wasn’t illegal for him to have his medication on him even if he didn’t have a medical note to show law enforcement officers.

For them to have charged him with possession of a controlled substance would seem rather bizarre. “I’m being racially profiled and as a black man in America,” Kodak tweeted. “I deserve my freedom especially with everything I do for my community I should be getting love , respect and support from the authorities ! To move freely , not getting arrested for expired tag and dark windows.”

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After his incarceration in mid-June, his lawyer told fans to never judge a case based on an arrest. “There are always additional facts and circumstances that give rise to a defense, especially in this case,” Bradford explained. “We will get him a bond today and move forward with resolving the matter quickly.”

Kodak’s recent run-in with the law certainly isn’t his first. Back in 2019, he was sentenced to prison for weapons possession, but thanks to former President Donald Trump, he was pardoned and released in 2021, much to the delight of the Florida native, who expressed his gratitude for Donald’s decision to issue him with a release.


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