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WATCH: R. Kelly’s Sisters Speak Out In His Defense — They Say Racism Influenced 30-Year Sentence for Sex Abuse

In an interview with U.K. TV show Good Morning Britain, which aired this Wednesday, R. Kelly’s three sisters spoke out in the convicted sex offender’s defense, insisting that he’s the true victim in his cases.

As we previously reported, on June 29, the 55-year-old singer was handed a lengthy prison sentence in New York City, several months after he was convicted in 2021 of sex trafficking and racketeering. The musician was accused of sexually abusing fans in a “systematic scheme that went on for decades,” per the Associated Press.

The disgraced singer’s sisters have now claimed he was treated “unfairly”, during a sit-down interview with Good Morning Britain reporter Noel Phillips in New York. He started by telling the three sisters: “We can reveal this morning that the convicted sex offender has been writing letters from inside his prison cell claiming that he was given a 30-year sentence, because of the color of his skin. Having sat through most of his trial in New York, that certainly was not the case. The evidence against him was seriously damning,” he told the ladies. He continued, “A prosecutor who was involved in that case has told me that, ‘It’s never been about race and that the US justice system has done its job in locking up a sexual predator.” Cassandra Kelly responded: “African Americans have always been treated unfairly and so I think that has a lot to do with it [his sentence] as well as other factors.”

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The sisters were then asked whether they truly believe that their brother had not been with underage girls? That’s when Lisa Kelly chimed in and said: “I can say he may have been with younger women, but as far as underage girls, no—and I stress underage girls. Who has seen that? I believe a lot of the alleged victims are bitter.”

In a follow-up question, Phillips asked Lisa Kelly if she could at least “acknowledge the victims.” She replied, “I’m not going to acknowledge something I don’t have proof of.” She added, “He is not a monster, he is not a pedophile. The only victim I’ve seen that’s been stolen from, lied on, is Robert.”

Phillips hit back saying, “How can you sit here and say R. Kelly was the victim?” to which she responded, “I just told you,” Lisa Kelly said in response. “I don’t care about what a lot of people [say], I can only go by what I see, what I know, what I’ve experienced.”

How Do Some Of The Victims Feel About This Latest Interview?

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Phillips read a statement during the GMB broadcast from one of the victims: “R. Kelly’s sisters should be supporting us women of color for bravely speaking out. He deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail.”



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