Dua Zehra Case Accused Zaheer Eventually, confessed his crime.

After Dua Zehra’s recuperation, the case against her is nearing its end. The case gained widespread attention as a result of public and media discussion. Today, broadcaster Iqrar Ul Hassan announced that criminal suspect Zaheer Ahmed has also confessed.

Iqrar Ul Hassan remarked, “Well, congrats, since the biggest news is here about Zaheer Ahmed; he has finally confessed to the Dua Zehra case in court today.” Zaheer has stated that he was not the only person engaged in the Dua Zehra case, but that an entire gang was responsible. This confession shows our assertions regarding Zaheer Ahmed, that he was used by a gang to lure Dua Zehra to a suspicious location, are accurate. In court, Zaheer Ahmed stated that he was not alone. Previously, we stated that a whole gang was involved in the kidnapping of Dua Zehra, and that she was lured by a fabricated love story created by Zaheer.

Iqrar Ul Hassan stated, “Dua Zehra is now in safe hands; she has been relocated from Lahore to Karachi’s shelter home.” Iqrar Ul Hassan added, “Today, Zaheer Ahmed admitted and confessed in court that Dua Zehra did not come on her own, contradicting his own earlier false statements regarding Dua. Previously, Zaheer claimed that Dua arrived to Lahore alone, but the charade has been exposed. Regarding Dua Zehra, Zaheer, the YouTubers, the attorneys, and Zaheer’s mother made false statements. They are all members of this group. We do not wish to display footage and evidence, as the entire nation is aware that Zaheer was wrong. No one believed Dua’s story. Those with reason did not buy it. The location of Zaheer’s phone indicated that he was in Karachi. After all evidence, Zaheer was compelled to confess his guilt.

The public lauded Iqrar Ul Hassan and Dua Zehra’s father and prayed for Dua Zehra’s safe return home. They applauded the efforts of Iqrar Ul Hassan.

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