Faris Shafi drops another surprise track

Unlike other musicians, a Faris Shafi banger always comes without a warning in sight. For the second time this year, the 34-year-old rapper has dropped a single overnight to the surprise of his fans.

Titled Vitamin D, the new song, in collaboration with musician Talal Qureshi, is a dig at all other rappers out there. Full of sarcastic punchlines and hysterical comparisons to make words rhyme, Shafi’s genius – and dark – brain shines through and through in this one.

“You can’t figure me out,” says Shafi, clad in his casual black T-shirt and jeans in a colour-graded frame set in an abandoned broken space. And social media users agree. No one can ever predict when or on what theme his new song will be. Vitamin D dropped on Wednesday with a super retro feel with multiple screens and neon-sepia colour effects showcasing the ultimate power boys being emo and all. Since its release, Vitamin D has racked up 43,191 views on YouTube.

Surprised and elated, fans took to Twitter to express how Shafi managed to blow their minds yet again. After getting two singles this year, a user can’t stay patient any more. “Drop the album already,” he wrote.

Praising the Lafz singer’s mighty flow, a user called him “Sadequain on the beat” and Vitamin D his “finest art” so far. “Faris Shafi dropping songs unexpectedly. I mean after Ye Dunya, I thought that would be it. How can you drop your finest art like this man. He is literally like Sadequain on the beat.”

Referring to the election-related political chaos in the country and how everyone’s focused on that, another user just asked people to stop focusing on politics and start focusing on Shafi’s music.

Fans even shared their favourite lines from the song, and of course made memes using the double meaning phrases Shafi uses in his songs.

Going too literal, a user said the song became their actual source of Vitamin D.

The Nazar singer is on a roll this year with hit after hit, with Hum being an unexpected surprise for everyone — both with its timing and vulnerability. Before that, Shafi also did two songs as part of Coke Studio — Ye Dunya with Young Stunner’s Talha Anjum and Karakoram, a collaboration that fans really wanted Muaziz Sarif featuring his sister Meesha Shafi.


Originally published at tribune.com.pk

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