How Shahrukh Khan & His Team Responded Upon Seeing Sahir Lodhi


Sahir Lodhi is a well-known Pakistani star with experience in hosting, acting, and directing. He is well-known as a successful host. Due to their likeness, the host is often identified with Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. A few people also accuse him of imitating Shahrukh, but Sahir claims he has no idea why the public identifies him with the actor.

When discussing his interview with Shahrukh, Sahir Lodhi described his first encounter with Shahrukh Khan. According to him, each anchorperson was allotted twenty minutes for a brief chat with Shahrukh Khan. Sahir continued, “During the interviews, his team informed him that I would be present for an interview. I went there first, his team spotted me, and a girl in his team remarked, “You look like my boss,” to which I replied, “Really?” Kajol then entered and exclaimed, “Oh My God, that’s you?” I responded, “Okay..” Then, Shahrukh Khan entered the room, we both exchanged glances, and he smiled and said, “You are really gorgeous.” Sahir elaborated on Shahrukh Khan, stating, “He is an excellent person and extremely down-to-earth; when we met, we bonded immediately; it was a very pleasant interview. He’s a soulful person, he has a lot to offer, he’s lovely, and far more profound than you could ever imagine.

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