IWSC Award-Winning Indian Drinks That You Must Try

Last Updated: July 28, 2022, 12:08 IST

Indian alternative drinks

You should surely try these top Indian alternative beverages that have won International Wine and Spirits Competitions (IWSC) at least once in your lifetime!

There is nothing better than having a refreshing drink and feeling as rejuvenated as ever. People today have a taste for beverages. Some are fond of alcoholic drinks while others love non-alcoholic ones. Every year, a new variation of our favourite drink pops up at cafes and bars throughout the country.

We have curated a list of some of the best Indian alternative drinks, which have won the International Wine and Spirits Competitions (IWSC), that you should definitely taste at least once in a lifetime.

Moonshine Meadery:

It has won an award at the IWSC, which is one of the longest-running spirits competitions in the world. Hence, it is one of the best Indian alternative drinks this year. As per the tasting notes of IWSC, “The Guava Chilli offers Gorgeously elegant with a delightful array of tropical, mango and passion fruit flavours on the palate. A splendidly fresh mouthfeel with a sizzling hint of fresh ginger at the finish.” The Grilled Pineapple – “Nicely complex with warming flavours of smoky peat and creamy wild honey on the palate.”

Salud Drinks:

It is India’s home-grown urban lifestyle brand that won a bronze in IWSC for being one of India’s best alternative drinks in the world. As per IWSC’S tasting notes, G&T 2.0 Watermelon & Mint Gin Refresher has “cool melon and cucumber notes with touches of herbs and watermelon. Sweet and fresh. As for G&T 2.0 Lavender Gin Refresher– “Wood spice notes with a hint of citrus and juniper. Light bodied and effervescent.” The drinks certainly taste like heaven.

Svami Drinks:

It is a Non-Alcoholic Gin and Tonic that also won a bronze in the IWSC 2022. IWSC tasting notes of the drink say, “Pronounced strawberry and candy aromas combining with floral notes and citrus flavours. Nice and robust.” If you are someone who stays far away from alcohol then you must try the Svami Drink.

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