Ranveer Singh’s ‘naked bum’ is India’s national issue

Actor Ranveer Singh’s latest photo shoot for Paper Magazine has become a “controversial” topic for reasons more than one. Singh’s nude images have spark an uproar amongst many, especially women. Vedika Chaubey, the complainant in an FIR lodged against the actor, recently appeared on an Indian news channel and expressed her “concerns” regarding the same.

The pictures in question featured Singh flaunting his chiselled body as he posed for the cameras, while evidently concealing his private parts. When asked by the anchor about what has made Chaubey so uncomfortable, she responded by saying, “Of course this is vulgar, we can see Ranveer Singh’s bum. His video is with me and he is completely nude in that video.”

She further added, “I don’t know how many people will understand that thing.” On listening to the complainant, the news anchor burst into laughter. As the panel laughed and giggled, Chaubey concluded with, “You may laugh madam, but this is a common thing. This is a national issue.”

Ranveer’s pictures led to many memes and jokes on social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. Some even led donation drives in different states for Ranveer so that the actor could clothe himself, while others compared him to lizards stuck to ceilings.

“Not unemployment! Not inflation! Not Chinese incursion! Ranveer Singh’s bum is the foremost National Issue #VedikaChaubey,” penned a user on Twitter. Another added, “Indian media is very powerful especially electronic media. Last night a very important national issue was debated over many TV channels. Do you want to know the issue? It was the bum of Ranveer Singh!”

One more added, “National issue is Ranveer Singh showing his bum and people still have hope for this country. How optimistic!” A post read, “Ranveer Singh’s bum is a national issue? Well please then, I want to see more of this national issue.”

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Originally published at tribune.com.pk

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