Ratna Pathak Shah gets trolled for her comment on karwa chauth, netizens say ‘kahaan se laate ho itna doglapan’

Ratna Pathak Shah, who has delivered excellent performances in films like Kapoor & Sons, Lipstick Under My Burkha, and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, is one of the finest actresses in the Hindi film industry. However, the actress has landed herself in trouble after her recent comments on the festival of karwa chauth.

In a recent interview, the actress said that women in the twenty-first century continue to practice antiquated customs like karwa chauth and termed it ‘appalling’ for women to fast for their husbands’ lives. Now, she is being massively trolled by Twitter users for her statement.

One Twitter user wrote, “Why is #RatnaPathakShah having her husband, Naseeruddin Shah surname, is it not superstitious or regressive, conservative, let her first give up, Ratna is second wife of Naseeruddin and was living with him for years before he got a divorce from his first wife.”

While another compared it to Muslim women wearing Hijab and tweeted, “Modern women wearing hijab is ‘Freedom of choice’ Modern women doing Karva Chauth is ‘Appalling’!! Kahaan se laato ho itna doglapan”.

“People commenting on my belief system is Appalling. I do Karwachauth ‘cause I live in a free country where I CAN follow what I believe. I am a MODERN woman because I am not judgemental about others. I am also an INTELLIGENT woman because I know my rights”, read another tweet.

For the unversed, Speaking to Pinkvilla, Ratna had said, “Someone asked me for the first time last year if I’m keeping ‘karwa chauth ka vrat. I said, ‘Am I mad?’ Isn’t it appalling that modern educated women do karwa chauth, praying for the lives of husbands so that they can have some validity in life? Widow in the Indian context is a horrible situation, isn’t it? So anything that keeps me away from widowhood. Really? In the 21st century, we are talking like this? Educated women are doing this.”

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The actress, known for portraying Maya Sarabhai on the superhit television sitcom Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, had also stated in the interview how India is transforming into an “extremely conservative society” and questioned whether or not we want to be like Saudi Arabia.


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