State organs should act within Constitution, says PM Shehbaz


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday said that all state organs should act within the domains stipulated by the Constitution for the smooth and effective working of the democratic system.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, the premier stated that the country would be moving in a circle and “getting nowhere” without understanding that state organs should act within their stipulated domains.

He maintained that this was the core argument of his speech during the National Assembly session on Wednesday.

In his address on the floor of the house, the premier said that his predecessor Imran Khan tried to dissolve the assembly “fraudulently” in March, and he, along with the president and deputy speaker of the lower house, violated the Constitution, but nobody summoned them.

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“But the deputy speaker of Punjab was called,” he pointed out, adding that there should not be double standards of justice in the country.

The premier said that in the past whenever he was called to the court he would go respectfully. “If there is no justice, then the country cannot move forward; there should not be double standards of the judiciary,” he added.

“The parliament was attacked in 2014, dirty clothes were hung on the Supreme Court [but] no one noticed,” he said.

“The situation is difficult, but we will make Pakistan great,” he remarked, adding that he will fight Imran’s “fascism” but will not bow down to anyone.

“As long as my leader and allies trust me, I will continue to work,” Shehbaz said.


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