Sunil Grover celebrates his popular character Dr. Mashoor Gulati’s birthday

Dr. Gulati’s birthday falls just four days before Sunil Grover’s birthday on 3rd August

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Dr. Mashoor Gulati returns to Sony Entertainment Television! They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but do not keep this doctor at bay! This Sunday, Sunil Grover as Dr. Mashoor Gulati will be making an appearance as the ‘Comedy Ke Sarpanch’ on Sony Entertainment Television’s comedy show, India’s Laughter Champion! Returning to the world of television after a year’s hiatus, the comedian would be seen in his audience’s favorite attire of the naive doctor, Dr. Mashoor Gulati! 

While the contestants impress ‘doctor saab’ with varied stand-up acts, it came as a surprise to everyone when Dr. Gulati decided to celebrate his own birthday in a humorous turn of events. With a man declaring that Dr. Gulati would like to celebrate his birthday, to setting the scene with balloons scattered all around to people dressed as nurses dancing around him, Dr. Gulati will be seen singing a special birthday song sung by none other than, himself! Making everyone convulsive with laughter, Dr. Gulati’s birthday falls just four days before Sunil Grover’s  birthday on 3rd August. 

After giving everyone treats around the set, the celebrations concluded with the nurses smearing cake all over Dr. Gulati. Both the judges Archana Puran Singh and Shekhar Suman were regaled with the whole act followed by contestants Vignesh Pande, Jayvijay Sachan, Hemant Pandey, and Radeshyam Bharti were entertained by their sarpanch. 

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