Toyota Observes More Production Cuts Due to Rain in Japan

Heavy rainstorms have brought the supply chain to a grinding halt in Japan, forcing Toyota Motor Corp. to cut production further. According to a report, the automaker will witness a domestic production cut by 4,000 units in July.

The report adds that this production cut may impact their global target as well. Heavy rains in Aichi, Japan, have impacted logistics, causing three assembly lines to operate at a reduced capacity.

A spokesman for Toyota told Reuters that the current situation will impede the automaker from reaching its production target of 800,000 units in July. The company has already reduced its production goal due to COVID-19 lockdowns, semiconductor shortages, natural calamities, etc.

The latest production cuts will have an impact on Toyota RAV4 and Harrier in particular. The company has already stopped taking orders for both SUVs due to a shortage of parts.

The repeated production cuts will likely impact the carmaker’s production and sales figures. This speculation places the company’s fate as the world’s top car-seller in question.

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