Nichelle Nichols Reportedly Cut Her Son Out Of $10 Million Estate Before Her Death Over Fears He Would Sell Her Belongings

Nichelle Nichols, best known for her role as Nyota Uhura in “Star Trek: The Original Series,” reportedly amended her will before her death that cut her son, Kyle Johnson, out from accessing her $10 million estate. According to Radar Online, who obtained the note written by the late actress in 2017, instead of Kyle overseeing her fortune, she requested that all memorabilia and property be placed in the possession of executives running her company N.N. Legacy LLC.

The letter Nichelle had written personally addressed her son, as she recounted him allegedly telling her that he wanted to “get rid of this sh**,” referring to the properties she owned. Her then-manager, Gilbert Bell, had also claimed how Kyle wanted to lock his mom away in a nursing home so that he could get his hands on her money.

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It prompted Nichelle to revise her will as she penned, “I, Nichelle Nichols, do hereby declare that I am amending my Last Will & Trust. As you have stated to me several times, ‘I can’t wait to get rid of this sh—t and sell my house and property. He made a decision to amend my Will & Trust.”

Sources assert that there could be a legal battle brewing between Kyle and the executives in control of Nichelle’s company because according to her son, his mother had been suffering from short-term memory loss and spent most of her time confined in a wheelchair due to her poor health. He has also contended that the people who were around his mom were exploiting her former battle with dementia to gain hold of her money.

“Certain individuals have unduly exerted themselves into Ms. Nichols’ life to her detriment,” Kyle previously argued in documents filed to the court, where he asked a judge to appoint trustees to oversee the $10 million fortune.

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But sources for Radar beg to differ, saying, “Kyle had been trying to put her in a nursing home for close to a decade. He never showed up for Mother’s Day, never called his mom on her birthday. He wasn’t a loving, or caring son. Nichelle had asked Gilbert to promise, ‘Whatever you do, please don’t put me in a nursing home.’ He vowed and told her he wouldn’t.”

With Nichelle having passed away on Saturday, it’s now being suggested that another court battle could ensue between her son and those who are in control of her estate.


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