Aamir Khan opens up on Bollywood being overshadowed by pan-India movies, says ‘agar South ki filmein…’

Aamir Khan’s upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha is one of the most-awaited films of the year. The stakes and the expectations are high with Khan’s film. Many trade experts are believing that LSC can break the dry spell at the box office, and even pundits are hoping that his film will end the dull phase of Bollywood. 

Aamir is well aware of the fact that 2022 has been a tough year for Bollywood. He also knows that regional cinema’s pan-India films have been the first choice of the audiences. Khan added that why South films like Pushpa, RRR, and KGF Chapter 2 have found a place among the audience, whereas Bollywood films fail to do so. “If we want to cater to a mass audience, then we will have to pick subjects that will be relatable to the masses. As a filmmaker, I will follow my vision, but if I am catering to a niche audience, then I should market it in that manner, or inform the audience. If you want your film should be appreciated by a large audience, then you have to choose a subject that will find a relevant topic or a subject that will appeal to a larger audience.”

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Aamir also said that as an audience he doesn’t mind enjoying pan-India blockbusters like Pushpa, and RRR. “As an audience, I am not concerned about which part of India the film is coming from. Why should I be concerned? If I feel emotionally satisfied by watching a Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi, or Marathi film, then what’s wrong with it? Agar South ki filmein chal rahi hai, toh uss mein takleef kya hai? Yeh toh aachi baat hai. 

Later, Khan stated that even the OTT premieres of films are also being the spoilsport, “I believe that if a movie is coming to your home through OTT within a few weeks after the release, then why would people go and watch it in theatres? Yeh toh wohi baat ho gayi ki aap kahi mat jao… main aa raha hu aapke pass. So, I always fight for a 6-months gap in the digital release. This is another thing we should look out for.” Laal Singh Chaddha will release in cinemas on 11 August. 

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