Afgan agrees with Balan’s stance on Singh’s photos

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has been making headlines for his controversial photo shoot that featured nude images of him striking different poses. While several Bollywood celebrities defended him for the same, Pakistani actor Nadia Afgan has now lent her support too.

Commenting on Vidya Balan’s reaction to Ranveer’s photographs, the Suno Chanda star reshared the Dirty Picture actor’s reaction to the bold shoot and added, “Exactly”. Vidya spoke about the FIR that has been filed against Ranveer, which states he hurt the sentiments of women and insulted their modesty through his photographs.

She said, “Maybe they don’t have much work to do and that’s why they are spending all their time on all this. If you don’t like it (the photographs) close the paper, or throw it away, do what you want, why get into FIR issues?”

When Vidya was first asked to weigh in on her opinion on the photo shoot, she stated, “What is the problem in that? This is the first time a man has done something like this. Let us also feast our eyes.”

Several Bollywood personalities have come forward in support of Ranveer. Alia Bhatt said, “I don’t like anything negative said about my favourite Ranveer Singh. I cannot even tolerate this question. I love him. He will be eternally favourite to everyone of us actually, and he has given us so much at the movies, so we should only give him love.”

In a video shared by Pinkvilla, actor Janhvi Kapoor said, “I think it’s artistic freedom and I don’t think anyone should be penalised for their artistic freedom.” Vaani Kapoor, who appeared opposite Ranveer in Befikre, added, “Ranveer’s an artiste and a great one. He’s experimental and open with the right aesthetics and sensibilities.”

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