AirBnB Deletes Former Slave Quarter From Platform After Users Find Disturbing Listing

AirBnB Deletes Former Slave Quarter From Platform After Users Find Disturbing Listing: “Properties That Formerly Housed The Enslaved Have No Place On Airbnb”

A house on Airbnb has been going viral in recent days and not for good reasons…

TikTok user LawyerWynton went viral following his discovery of a listing that reads “bed and breakfast” with a description, “This particular structure … is an 1830s slave cabin.” It also said that the small building was used as a “tenant sharecroppers cabin” and a “medical office for local farmers and their families.” How is this okay in somebody’s mind to rent this out? A place where human beings were kept as slaves,” said civil rights attorney in a video with more than two million views. @LawyerWynton said that the history of slavery is simply being “mocked” by turning the property into a “luxurious vacation spot.”
Social media users found it disturbing and poor taste, with one saying, “who would want to stay here,” with another adding, “How do you sleep there and not feel the pain in that room?”

Currently, there are several other properties that also offer up other former slaves’ quarters as luxury accommodation.

While speaking with TMZ, Airbnb’s spokesperson tells the news site that they have since removed the listing as well as others that are known to have included former slave quarters on site in the U.S. on top of that they will be working with experts to develop new policies for properties that are associated with slavery.

“Properties that formerly housed the enslaved have no place on Airbnb. We apologize for any trauma or grief created by the presence of this listing, and others like it, and that we did not act sooner to address this issue,” a spokesperson for Airbnb told TMZ. “We are working with experts to develop new policies that address other properties associated with slavery,” they said. 

The Latest AirBNB

Earlier this year, Airbnb put new restrictions on Memorial Day and July Fourth bookings in an effort to prevent parties at rentals.

“We will also be introducing anti-party attestations to guests attempting to make local reservations, in which they must affirmatively attest that they understand that Airbnb bans parties and if they break that rule, they may be subject to legal action from the company.”

The company added, We do not take these measures lightly. This is why our anti-party system and policy allows exceptions on these bookings for those who have a history of positive reviews and have earned that trust through Airbnb. We also understand that the simple fact of not yet having reviews does not mean that a guest is trying to throw a party – this is a trade-off we are willing to make in the interest of trust and safety.”

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