‘All Indians have same DNA and Ambedkar is more Brahmin than Nehru’: Subramanian Swamy

Former Union minister Subramanian Swamy has said that all Indians have the “same DNA” and that castes are differentiated on the basis of blood. 

Speaking during the Sardar Panikkar Memorial Lecture on the 60th Foundation Day celebration of the Regional Institution of Education on Monday, Swamy said that there are four varnas in the Hindu system which are not based on blood but on character, but jaati (caste) is based on blood. 

“Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita says that if the person is intellect, generous, and courageous, then he is a Brahmin. I believe B R Ambedkar who is a great scholar is not an SC but a Brahmin. He had several degrees and PhDs from the best universities in the world and has contributed immensely to the Constitution. Ambedkar is more Brahmin than Nehru because Nehru has never passed any exams. Even his family members have passed many examinations,” he said. 

Swamy also said that the NCERT had taken up the major task of rewriting India’s history, which till date, had “all wrong facts” prepared by Britishers. “They wrote that India was in pieces and it was Britishers who put it together and the Dravidians were inhabitants while Aryans came from Western Europe. These are all wrong facts,” Swamy was quoted as saying.  

“The advanced studies by universities confirm that all Indians more or less have the same DNA and there is no North and South race. This should be included in the curriculum,” he added. 

The former Union minister also said that Hinduism is not hostile towards any religion, but has a problem with Islam because of its “Jihad movement”. He also highlighted the issue of persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

Swamy said that Muslims in India should be strong enough to punish those who try to disturb peace between them and Hindus, and should not fall for their agenda. “Hindus believe that all religions lead to god, but this idea is not accepted by Islam, Christianity, Jews and others.”

Originally published at www.dnaindia.com

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