Islamabad Police to End Sale and Purchase of Bikes on Open Transfer Letter

Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) has taken notice of motorcyclists with open transfer letters and has urged them to transfer them to their names.

In an official notification issued earlier today, the department directed these bike owners to opt for biometric registration before September 1, 2022. Non-compliance will result in strict action from the authorities.

The ruling intends to get as many bikes as possible included in the government’s database. Unregistered or open-letter-based bikes have lately been involved in several street crimes in Islamabad.

Their non-inclusion in the database has allowed the perpetrators to get away with their crimes. Registration of bikes will allow the authorities to keep track of them, which will aid in containing criminal activity in the federal capital.

ICTP also started an operation against unregistered vehicles in Islamabad to discourage their use. It has also updated its e-challan system to ensure discipline on the roads.

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