Kiccha Sudeep’s film enters Rs 100 crore club

Kiccha Sudeep’s film Vikrant Rona has been doing great at the box office, the film has entered Rs 100 crore club within 555 days. Vikrant Rona, which stars Jacqueline Fernandez, Nirup Bhandari, and Neetha Ashok alongside Kiccha Sudeep, has collected Rs 110 worldwide.

Trade analyst Sumit Kadel tweeted, “Vikrant Rona has managed to earn Rs 110 crore globally in its first weekend. The film is on its way to entering the profit zone soon. He wrote, “#VikrantRona has crossed Rs 100 cr mark in 5 days, total stands approx Rs 110 cr worldwide. Film will cross the breakeven point soon, audience word of mouth is positive.. Hindi collections also crossed Rs 6 cr mark today.. congratulations @KicchaSudeep #KichhaSudeep (sic).”

Meanwhile, Vikrant Rona star Kiccha Sudeepa said at a recent event in Mumbai that he doesn’t want to “generalise” the success of South films as he believes that if Bollywood didn’t have good work to offer, it wouldn’t have lasted this long.

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“A lot of films are made in a year, not every film does well. A couple of films do, a couple of films don’t. That doesn’t mean that we generalise and say it (the industry) is dominating. There are good times for everything. If the Hindi film industry wasn’t doing great films, if it didn’t have great people, how would you sustain for so many years?” he told PTI.

Drawing a comparison with cricketer Virat Kohli, who is currently struggling with form, Sudeepa said it is just a matter of time before things get back on track.

“It’s just a matter of (time)… It’s like Virat Kohli being out of form for a while. Are you going to take away his records? It doesn’t work that way… Every industry is standing by its potential,” he added.

Kiccha Sudeepa, 48, said the cultural exchange which happens across industries points to artists being absolutely secure.

Citing Vikrant Rona as an example, the actor said the film shows how collaborations work across industries, with Salman Khan presenting the movie and Jacqueline Fernandez starring in it.

“We collaborate with Hindi films, sir (Khan) is now supporting our film… Within the industry, why would she (Fernandez) come and do this, why would we call her? “Right now sir is doing a prime role in Hyderabad, he’s going (for shoot) and coming back. Why would he do that? All of us are secure. It’s a beautiful thing to exchange ideas, collaborate… I think it’s a beautiful atmosphere that we have,” Sudeepa said.



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