Mahua Moitra hid her Louis Vuitton bag ‘worth lakhs’ in Parliament? Viral video, Twitter trend explained

Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra, who is known for her firebrand speeches in the Parliament, found herself in the middle of a controversy once again as a short clip of her went viral on social media during the price rise debate in the Lok Sabha.

After the Opposition’s constant demands, the Parliament conducted a price rise debate in the Lok Sabha, and Mahua Moitra was trolled over her seemingly insignificant action while another member of the lower house was talking about inflation in India.

In a now-viral video, TMC leader Mahua Moitra can be seen putting her bad under the chair while Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar was speaking on the matter of price rise in India. According to the clip, the Moitra was carrying a Louis Vuitton bag, which is reportedly worth lakhs.

During Dastidar’s speech, Moitra was seen moving the bag from her side and placing it next to her feet, out of the line of sight. This clip went viral on social media, where several netizens highlighted the “hypocrisy” of the TMC leader.







According to several websites and fashion blogs, the Louis Vuitton bag being carried by Mahua Moitra is evaluated between Rs 1.5 to 2 lakhs. Netizens slammed Moitra for carrying an expensive handbag from the luxury brand, all the while talking about the inflation issues of the common man.

A netizen named Monica Verma slammed Mahua Moitra and said, “It’s okay to own a Louis Vuitton but to hide it under the table as soon as the debate on inflation starts is the fakery of another level.”

Another person tweeted, “Irony died after seeing Mahua Moitra hide her $2500(approx) Louis Vuitton bag during the price rise debate in Parliament.” Meanwhile, actress Swara Bhaskar stepped in to defend Moitra, pointing out that the politician has a “flourishing corporate career”.

Bhaskar tweeted,”Doesn’t seem like Mahua Moitra ever tried to ‘hide’ her branded bag. She had a flourishing corporate career & bought branded items with her own hard-earned money? Haw! How controversial.”

Opposition leaders had conducted protests and dharnas against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Centre, demanding an answer on the rise in prices of several day-to-day items such as wheat, rice, cooking oil and other basic commodities.

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