Marina Khan ‘very upset’ with producers of ‘Yaara Vey’

Veteran actor and director Marina Khan has called out the producers of the upcoming film Yaara Vey in an Instagram post after they failed to pay the promised amount for her performance in the film.

Khan, who will play the role of the loveable mother Soni, did not hold herself back from expressing her disappointment over the incomplete payment. She went on to talk about more production halts in the film, including a delay in the contract signing. Khan stated that if she wanted, she could stop the film from being released until the payment was cleared. However, her intention is only to shed light on the prevalent issue plaguing everyone participating in the film industry, from fresh artists to more well-known faces.

“To all my Instagram followers. I am very upset that this movie is being released as I was not paid by the producers the full amount they promised me. Also, they kept delaying the contract signing. So technically, if I wanted, I could probably put a stay order on the release, but I am lazy and frankly don’t give a rat’s a** anymore. To the producers of this film, all I can say is shame on you,” she posted.

The Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay actor, who has been lauded as a “living legend” by the public, quickly garnered online support after her post went live. Many noted the lack of respect shown to industry experts leading local television and film for decades.

One social media user called attention to the mistreatment of actors, especially for newcomers who do not have a tightly knit network to fall back on.

Incidents such as this always bring the longevity of the industry’s revival into question. Regardless of fresh ideas and bigger hopes, as long as production ethics remain blurred, such projects will always arise as a cause for concern.

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