Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi over inflation

The Narendra Modi government is busy polishing the image of an “arrogant king” when the masses are grappling with crippling inflation, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said in a Facebook post in Hindi on Tuesday. The attack comes a day after a debate on price rise in Parliament. 

He said Congress tried to secure an answer from the government on the issue but it muted the voice with suspensions, arrests and adjournments. 

“Yesterday when the discussion did take place, the government clearly said that ‘there is no problem like ‘mehngai’ (inflation)! The country is battling an epidemic of unemployment, and crores of families are left with no means of stable income. But the government is spending billions of rupees just to polish the image of an ‘arrogant king’,” Gandhi said, attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He also said that Congress would emerge as the people’s voice and strength. He said the party would fight the “decree of the dictator” and ward off any attempt to suppress the voice of the masses. 

“For you, the Congress party and I have been fighting and will continue to fight. You know very well which issues need to be discussed in the country today because every wrong policy of the government is affecting your life,” he said.

Attacking the government he said “they are cowards” and afraid of your strength and unity. 

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Parliament that India does not face any risk of either recession or stagflation as its macroeconomic fundamentals are “perfect”.

With inputs from PTI

Originally published at www.dnaindia.com

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