‘Same Gucci That Said ‘Go Dig Pookie Loc Up?’’

Lawd! Atlanta trap legend Gucci Mane is in some hot water after he tried telling rappers to stop dissing the dead on his new song. Social media is reminding him about his beef with Young Jeezy and Pookie Loc.

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Gucci Mane Drops New Song Urging Rappers To Stop Dissing The Dead

On Gucci’s new drop “Dissin the Dead,” the 1017 head honcho shows how much he has evolved as a Hip-Hop OG.

On the new track, Gucci appears to be calling himself out after “starting a trend” of dissing one’s dead enemies.

On the song’s chorus, the East Atlanta rapper spits:

“I now my tongue is a sword, I know I should be more careful with sh*t that I said

I feel like I started a trend that’s never gon’ stop, they gon’ keep dissing the dead

None of this sh*t no pretend, this sh*t so for real, a n***a get shot in the head

Young n***a wicked on pills and going on drills, we need to stop dissing the dead.”

Now, Gucci also released the songs with a new video directed by Omar the Director.

In the video, Guwop is seen moving around a cemetery as he wears different hoodies remembering and honoring two recently slain Southern rappers. One of the hoodies says, “R.I.P. Trouble” and another reads, “Long Live Dolph.”

While honoring Young Dolph, Guwop happened to drop the track on Wednesday (July 27), which coincides with what would have been the Memphis, TN rapper’s 37th birthday.

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Social Media Reminds Guwop About Him Dissing Young Jeezy &  Pookie Loc

Now, Gucci Mane’s new song — where he seemingly is heard repenting his old ways of disrespecting his buried enemies — garnered mixed reviews on social media.

Specifically due to the reason that Gucci was someone who previously dissed the dead.

Social media users wasted no time in reminding Guwop of his continuous shots at Young Jeezy and his friend/associate Pookie Loc.

Now, Jeezy and Gucci have had a long-running feud and it hit its peak when Gucci allegedly killed Pookie in self-defense back in 2005 on May 10.

The story goes that Gucci was jumped inside of a house in Decatur, Georgia. As the incident unfolded, he allegedly caught up with his attackers and fired his weapon.

Jeezy’s associate Pookie Loc was found shot and killed with his body buried by a local middle school.

Gucci turned himself in and was charged with murder. Gucci claimed it was all self-defense and his murder case was eventually dropped in January 2006 due to insufficient evidence.

Notably, Gucci and Jeezy had just collaborated on their track “Icy,” which was released a month prior to the fatal shooting.

In December 2019, Gucci showed no remorse for the killing of Pookie Loc. he said, “[Pookie Loc] needed to be in the ground. I put his ass where he supposed to be. He tried me. If somebody comes he and try to kill you, yeah you know it’s self-defense … you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Now in November 2020, Jeezy and Gucci were slated to reconnect for their hit-for-hit battle. While fans were excited to see that the two rappers had seemingly squashed their beef, Guwop ended up playing one of his diss tracks and again spoke ill of Pookie Loc.

Since dropping his new song, Guwop was reminded of all of that transpired prior to his evolution.

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