Steer Clear From These Red Flags on Your First Date

First dates often make one nervous, excited, or cause a feeling of dread. The first meeting can reveal a lot about your date, from their attitude to their body language. Physically meeting a person can give you a brief idea about their personality and how they treat others than over phone calls or texts. However, there are certain red flags that you may be able to spot on your first that can help you steer clear from a second date with them.

Here are some red flags that you can watch out for, on your first date-

1. They are late
Heavy traffic or not finding a parking spot can cause your date to arrive late. But, if they lack the basic etiquette of informing you that they will arrive late or do not apologize to you after arriving late, then it is not okay. It shows how inconsiderate they are about your time.

2.Not respecting boundaries
Pay attention to your date’s behaviour when you disagree with them. It can be your refusal of another drink, but they disregard it and order one for you, or they try to force you to drink another glass. They try to kiss you, and you express your discomfort but instead of backing off, they get angry, irritated, or make you feel guilty. It shows their utter disrespect for your boundaries and you should definitely steer clear of this person.

3. Rude to others
Your date might be very kind to you, but if they are treating other people badly around you, you might want to take note of that. If their body language is aggressive, or use a condescending tone toward the waiter or security guards, it can be you in the future.

4. Checks phone frequently
Once in a while checking the phone for missed calls or important messages is fine. But if your date is taking calls frequently, or is continuously messaging someone, it shows their neglectful behaviour.

5. Talking about Ex
On your first date, you and your date may or may not discuss ex-partners. But if your date is just going on a rant and bashing their ex then it’s time for you to find a new date. You do not deserve someone who dumps unwarranted emotional baggage on you.

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