Was iffy on the first day of recording

Making his podcast debut with ‘Droh’, Karan Tacker says he initially feared he might go overboard due to lack of visual cues

Karan Tacker

He was a constant feature on television, until he switched gears to OTT in 2020 with ‘Special Ops’. The series was enough to get Karan Tacker drawn to the world of espionage thrillers. The actor has given another shot to a spy thriller with his debut podcast, ‘Droh’. Karan, who plays an undercover agent on the Spotify podcast, discusses how he was excited and nervous in equal measure as he took on the project.

Edited excerpts from the interview.

What convinced you to try your hand at the audio medium?
The app was the reason I said yes to the project. I enjoy the app, they make the coolest playlists. Plus, it is an international app. So, what you do ends up going across the globe. As an actor, you want to enjoy every single medium. I started with television, and now, I am acting on the web [and doing podcasts]. In ‘Droh’, my character is leading a special branch cell. I am saving Mumbai. As a Mumbaiite, there is a soft corner for the idea. Who doesn’t like to play hero? He is somebody who doubts the entire system, including the people around him.

Was it tough to do an espionage thriller using only your voice?
[I was dumbfounded] throughout the show. You are sitting in an isolated recording booth, and [recording] a 24-episode show. When you are acting, there is so much you can communicate with just a look. But in a podcast, you have to underline every thought. When you don’t have anyone to jam with, you have to imagine the show in your head. You have to assume how they will react, and respond to them because everyone is recording their bit separately. For it all to marry, we needed to be on the same page. That was a challenge. When I walked into the studio the first day, I was iffy. My general style of acting is subtle, but when you are a voice actor, you have to underline under every sentence. I was [sceptical] of overacting.

How was it to do action on a podcast?
You are trying to [convey] the grunting and running while sitting in a recording booth. It is interesting as it enriched me as an artiste. Before saying yes to a project, you have to visualise its world. This has enhanced my visual ability.

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Do you think a podcast holds the same value as the visual medium?
Why not? My introduction to podcasts happened almost eight years ago. Every time I am on the road, I enjoy someone talking on my speakers. The Indian population has always enjoyed listening to the radio. People who work late, drive in the wee hours, or are in trains and metros, would enjoy listening [to this show]. The [team] has done a fine job of sound mixing. I have become a fan of myself.

How did your family react to it?
In my family, we celebrate everybody’s successes and we screen everything. I made everyone at home listen to it, and they truly enjoyed it.

Do you think out of sight is out of mind?
Not at all. I had already signed something before the release of ‘Special Ops‘. I would have started shooting for the show if not for the pandemic. It set things back by two years. We attempted to take it on floors constantly, but there was a lockdown. Hopefully, the series will release in October. It is okay to be out of sight and out of mind if you have something in your kitty. However, if you don’t have something [lined up], it is a difficult place to be in because it makes you anxious. I have been through tough times and bouts of depression.

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