What to do to prevent air conditioner explosion

A Chennai man on Sunday died after the air conditioner in his room exploded. The victim has been identified as 28-year-old P Shyam who got married six months ago. He had a milk business. 

His wife had gone to her parent’s house a few days ago. Shyam was living on the ground floor of his house alone. His father and brother were upstairs. At around 8 pm, they heard a loud explosion. When they reached downstairs they found the room on fire and smoke emanating from it. They broke open the door to find Shyam dead. 

The family then informed the police and the fire department, Indian Express reported. The fire officials sent the body for postmortem.

The explosion could have been the result of a short circuit, officials said. They are conducting an investigation.   

The man consumed alcohol a day before. The family had seen Shyam at 4 pm. 

Here’s what can be done to prevent such accidents. Air conditioners must be serviced before use every year. Only authorized professionals should be called for AC service. In case of an AC gas leak, professionals from the company should be immediately called. Only genuine parts should be used in case of AC breakdown. AC gas should be refilled from authorized service centres. Good quality wires, stabilisers should be used with ACs.  

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