Coconut Oil to Petroleum Jelly, 5 Best Remedies to Remove Matte Lipstick Instantly

Lipsticks are an integral part of women’s lives. Whether we go to work or dress up for a party, it’s the lipstick that enhances our look. While there exist several types of lipsticks, women generally prefer matte shades. Matte lipsticks tend to give a more natural look, minus the shine, and last longer than the glossy or satin ones.

However, along with the long-lasting formula of such lipsticks, there comes the hurdle of removing the makeup. Since matte lipsticks are quite durable, it can be hard to wipe them off completely. For women struggling to get rid of stubborn lipstick stains but refusing to give up on matte lipsticks, here are 5 of the best methods which will make it easier for you to remove makeup.

Using petroleum jelly

One of the most useful methods to wipe off lipstick is to apply Vaseline petroleum jelly to your lips. It should be kept for a few minutes and then wiped off using a washcloth in a circular motion. Not only does Vaseline remove the lipstick, but it also helps to keep your lips soft and moisturized.

Applying coconut or olive oils

Another beneficial remedy for rubbing away matte lipstick is by using either coconut or olive oil. All you need to do is dip a clean cloth or a cotton swab into either one of the oils and dab it on your lips till the lip colour is removed. It also helps in softening your lips.

The toothbrush method

The soft bristles of a toothbrush can work in wiping the remnant lipstick stains. Just gently scrub it on your lips like you do while brushing your teeth and you will be amazed to find that the stains are wearing off.

Applying lip balm

Lip balms are a blessing in disguise. You can apply a lip balm before putting on the matte lipstick. Lip balms help in keeping your lips soft and prevent them from drying out quickly. Lip balms are known to keep lips hydrated and you will find that your lip colour is removed in an instant.

Using Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar water is quite gentle on the skin and is often used to clean greasy makeup. This step will require you to apply a small amount of micellar water on a face wipe or cotton swab and dab it evenly on your lips. This method will enable you to get rid of lipstick spots quickly.

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