How Salman is beefing up his security post death threats

The Mumbai Police has issued a firearm license to Bollywood actor Salman Khan, as per Hindustan Times. The actor was granted approval after he applied for it seeking self-defence in light of the death threats, he received from members of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang.

Salman’s criminal record and background were checked before the firearm license was issued. Only after standard procedure steps were cleared, did the police headquarters give him a get-go. Salman has also amped up his security and bought himself a bulletproof car. The actor and his security team arrived at the Mumbai airport on Monday evening in a bulletproof Land Cruiser, as per The Indian Express.

According to the car-selling website, Salman’s new land cruiser is priced at about INR 1.50 crore. While the car is out of production, it comes with ‘proven bullet-proof reliability. The vehicle has apparently been fitted with armour and bulletproof glass.

In a video shared by a number of paparazzi accounts, Salman is seen stepping out of the car with his bodyguard Shera, who stands close to him. He is also accompanied by additional security personnel. Dressed in a peach shirt and black denims, the actor makes a stylish appearance and fans appreciated both his ride and his “swag” in the comments section of the posts shared.

News of Salman seeking a gun license broke out last month after the Mumbai Police confirmed in a statement to ANI: “Actor Salman Khan applied for a weapon license for self-protection at the Mumbai CP office after he recently received a threat letter.”

The actor and his father Salim Khan had received a death threat in June, just days after singer Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead near Punjab on May 29. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is allegedly the mastermind behind the killing of Moosewala, had issued a threat to Salman. The Dabanng star had been on Bishnoi’s radar ever since the actor’s alleged involvement in the blackbuck poaching case of 1998.

Since receiving the threat, Salman beefed up security at his residence and on his film sets. The police also advised the actor to make fewer public appearances and avoid cycling around Bandra.

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