Nimra Mehra, a singer, is criticised for disrespecting the Manqabat.


Nimra Mehra is a young aspiring vocalist that performs on numerous television programmes. The singer is attractive and talented, and her admirers adore her. Nimra Mehra has sang for numerous television shows, and she has a sizable Facebook and Instagram following.

Recent public criticism has been directed at the singer for disrespecting Manqabat. Nimra is reciting Manqabat without covering her head, and her singing technique is more like to that of a concert. The crowd is also cheering alongside her, but the girls seated next to her have their heads covered.

The public disapproved of her disrespectful recitation of the Manqabat. They stated that she looks like a model when reciting and that her manner is not at all courteous. According to one user, it appears that she has been directing a concert. One Instagram user recommended that Pemra take action against them. Another commenter stated that it has become customary to broadcast such dramas during each sacred month of Islam.

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