Priyanka Chopra Falls, Breaks Into Laughs While Playing With Kids in Ukraine; See Pics

Priyanka Chopra has shared a new set of pictures from her ongoing visit to Poland as part of her work with UNICEF. The actress, who is UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador, has been spending time with Ukrainian children and women at the refugee camps whose lives have been impacted by the ongoing Russia and Ukraine war. On Wednesday, Priyanka took to Instagram and shared a few pictures in which she played with the children at the camp.

In one, she seemingly tumbled and was left in splits. In another, PeeCee was seen playing darts with the kids at the refugee compound. Sharing the pictures, Priyanka wrote, “An aspect that is not often discussed but is very prevalent in a time of crisis is the psychological impact on these refugees. I met with so many women and children who are trying to cope with the horrors they have witnessed in this war.”

“@unicef responded in Poland and in the region by ensuring that teams of psychologists are available to help mothers and children at the Blue Dot centres, the Child Development centres, the Education Hubs and other touch points. One of the most effective tools in helping children regain a sense of normalcy is playful interaction. It sounds so simple, but through play, children can find safety and respite, while also being able to explore and process what is happening in their lives. When children are driven from their homes by war, conflict, or displacement of any kind, access to nurturing relationships with parents, caregivers, and peers are critical buffers to the effects of violence, distress, and other adverse experiences,” she added.

Priyanka also revealed that the children she met at the camp enjoyed working with art. “When they work with different materials, as well as paints and colors, the therapists are able to understand their emotions. In the beginning for example, the children would draw with very dark colors, and over time the colors got brighter. Another example is handmade dolls that I was gifted by Ukrainian children at each Programme I visited with Unicef. Each is unique and is believed to have the power of protection, which these children really need right now as the war is upending the lives and futures of the countries 5.7 million school aged children,” she added.

The Matrix Resurrections star’s visit comes months after she posted a news clipping of Ukraine and called the situation “terrifying”. She added it was difficult to even comprehend how the situation had escalated to a “catastrophic point.”

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