Sameera Reddy Shares Her Struggles With Back Pain And How It Affects Her Routine

Known for advocating body positivity and self-acceptance, Sameera Reddy has opened up about yet another personal experience of dealing with back aches. The actress took to Instagram and said, “I’ve had a bad back since my shooting days, and post-childbirth, it’s acted up at intervals.

Last 2 months, my back totally went for a toss. I was so frustrated because I want to be this super mom with my fitness Fridays and also keep up with so many things in my day. But I’ve had a history of back issues and post-childbirth, it’s gotten weaker.”

She shared how taking nutritional supplements has helped her cope with the situation better. Adding a multi-vitamin, omega fish oil, and calcium to her daily diet, along with yoga and physiotherapy made her feel good.

She emphasized the need to take care of one’s physical and mental well-being by adding, “So this is me reminding you to take a look at what you need for your body and strength. Mental and physical. There is a lot of pressure of everyday life and body expectations and keeping up can be hard. The best investment is investing in yourself so tune into your needs and listen.”

Her yoga instructor Pramila Khubchandani also commented on her post and said, “We are all so caught not just in the day-to-day rut, but also the mental and physical pressure we constantly put on ourselves to stay fit! What is FIT? TRULY? Not just physical strength! It’s truly more the mental strength and our ability and capacity to deal with the ups and downs of life! And to be in tune to what we truly need is the key!”

Making small, regular changes also restored her hormonal balance and her experience was validated by various people in the comments section, appreciating her for talking about issues like these.

She also replied to questions asked by people like how can we check hormonal imbalances, and what iron-rich vegetables can people take.

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