Do you know how to keep national flag? Govt tells how to fold and store the tricolour in its step-by-step guide

The Central government ahead of Independence Day and much talked about ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign listed steps on the correct way to fold the national flag. As the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign is set to begin, the Ministry of Culture posted a step-by-step guide on the correct way to fold and store the national flag. 

How to fold flag correctly:


  • Place the flag horizontally.
  • Fold the saffron and green bands under the middle white band.
  • Fold the white band in such a way that only the Ashok Chakra is seen with parts of saffron and green bands.
  • After the process is complete, carry the folded flag on palms or arms to store it.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi put the national flag as the display picture (DP) of his social media accounts and urged people to do the same as part of a collective movement to celebrate the Tricolour.

Following this, other senior BJP leaders, including Union Home Minister Amit Shah and party president JP Nadda, also put the Tricolour as their DP on social media platforms.

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