Kevin Spacey ordered to pay $31 million to House of Cards producers

Kevin Spacey is being ordered to pay up! The embattled actor lost an appeal to have arbitration overturned amid allegations of sexual misconduct. This means that Spacey will have to pay $31 million to House of Cards producers following “explosive” allegations of sexual misconduct involving young crew members that worked on the series.

Per CBS News, the actor had filed to overturn the order, but a US judge shot down his request in Los Angeles on Thursday. Judge Mel Red Recana wrote that Spacey and his attorneys “fail to demonstrate that this is even a close case” and “do not demonstrate that the damages award was so utterly irrational that it amounts to an arbitrary remaking of the parties contracts.”

The original filings for the case detailed how Spacey was removed from the hit Netflix series following allegations he was “systematically preying upon, sexually harassing, and groping young men that he had worked with throughout his career on film, television, and theatre projects.” The arbitrator concluded that the actor had repeatedly breached contractual obligations to provide services “in a professional manner” that were “consistent with reasonable directions, practices, and policies,” including its anti-harassment policies.

Before all hell broke loose for Spacey, the actor starred in House of Cards for five seasons, playing the deceiving politician Frank Underwood. He was cut from the series after the allegations surfaced, and in the original ruling, the arbitrator found that Spacey was not entirely to be paid for the remainder of his contract, as his dismissal had caused the show’s sixth season to be shortened and rewritten which resulted in lost revenue.

What are YOUR thoughts on Kevin Spacey’s latest misfortune?

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