McDonald’s Worker Who Was Shot For ‘Serving Cold Fries’ Is Reportedly Brain Dead And On Life Support

Matthew Webb, the 23-year-old McDonald’s worker who was shot in the neck by suspect Michael Morgan for serving his mother cold french fries, is brain dead and on life support, prosecutors have revealed. A Brooklyn judge has ordered that the accuser is to be held without bail in connection to Monday’s shooting, as the 20-year-old will face upgraded homicide charges.

Per WABC, who recounted the events that transpired at the fast food store in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Monday, Matthew argued with 40-year-old Lisa Fulmore who complained about her fries being cold. The two shared some sort of lengthy dispute before things continued to escalate, with CBS News reporting how she ended up calling her son to “take care of the problem.”

“Your Honor, the people anticipate a homicide charge on this case given the victim is currently on life support. The victim has been transported to Brookdale Hospital and has been brain-dead,” Assistant DA Luis Paternina explained to Judge Inga O’Neale during Michael’s arraignment for attempted murder charges. “The victim has been transported to Brookdale Hospital and has been brain-dead.”

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“The family now has to make the difficult decision [to take him off life support].” Michael’s girlfriend, Camellia Dunlap, also received charges in connection to the incident, with prosecutors saying that she handed her boyfriend the gun. What’s more, following his arrest on Monday, Michael confessed to the shooting, on top of a 2020 homicide that took place within walking distance from the McDonald’s, where he killed another man named Kevin Holloman.

Michael and Kevin’s cousin had gotten into some sort of quarrel and when the family member had taken out a knife to cut their marijuana into small pieces, the accused allegedly ran out of the apartment while blasting bullets, the court was told by prosecutors.

“He was the sweetest kid. He was not like these little thugs we have running around here. He was so polite. He was always chasing girls. That was it. Chasing girls, making jokes,” Domingo Rivera, who was formerly Kevin’s neighbor, expressed. “[He] was a good kid. He never got into trouble. He was always dancing and joking around.”

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“I’m glad they got him.”

Kevin’s sister has also shared a few words on Facebook, having spent two years trying to find the person who was responsible for the killing of her brother. Still, in her message, she shared that while she was glad to finally be seeing justice, she’s still struggling to come to terms with the death of her sibling.

“The first person I wanted to call with this news was my mother and I couldn’t I’m still heartbroken but I’m happy me and my family get some kind of peace,

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