Miracle Watts Lets Fans Know That She Is “Ok” After People Assumed She Was Involved In Horrific Car Accident In Los Angeles

As we previously reported, a fiery multi-car crash left five dead, including a pregnant woman and an infant, in Los Angeles’ Windsor Hills neighborhood on Thursday, according to authorities.

Surveillance video of the crash shows a Mercedes-Benz shooting down La Brea at high speed as several other cars cross the intersection on Slauson. Seconds into the clip, the Mercedes runs a red light and slams into the moving cars in the intersection, then bursts into flames. The car comes to a stop after hitting a light pole. Officer Franco Pepi, a California Highway Patrol spokesperson, said three adults, including a pregnant woman, and an infant were killed in the crash. Sadly, cops later found another person’s remains inside one of the burned vehicles, he said. That person’s gender or age wasn’t known as of Thursday night. However, it was said that
the pregnant woman also lost her unborn child, which the CHP counted as an additional fatality “due to rare circumstances,” per Pepi.

The horrific car accident has left people shocked with many people praying for all the victims involved. While all the names haven’t been released yet, some online reports claim that actress and model Miracle Watts was one of the victims. One user said under her comment section on Instagram, “Just hoping that wasn’t you in a car crash today can you please post something so we will know.” Another said, “Miracleeee are you, ok please say something.” Miracle, who is expecting her first child with actor Tyler Lepley took to her Instagram Story to let her followers know that she is fine. She said, “ I Am Ok Thanks For Eveyone Concerned. & Let’s keep those who were involved in that crash today in our prayers.”

Miracle Watts

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Aside from that cola said seven people were transported to local hospitals with injuries, including several children ranging in age from 13 months to 15 years. Investigators also shared that the driver of the Mercedes, described as a woman around 40 years old, survived the crash and was hospitalized. Officers were interviewing her.

“Just unknown reasons for the high speed at this time … Everyone needs to drive with more due regard because a lot of collisions happen, and this just happens to be at the top of the list of how bad they can get,” Pepsi said.
Currently, CHP is handling the investigation with assistance from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

One celebrity that was recently involved in a horrific car accident happened to be Love & Hip-Hop star Apple Watts.

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She had been fighting for her life since fiery car crash in March that left two breaks in her neck, a shattered arm, and a brain injury. However, not too long ago, Watts’ sister gave fans a video update on the star when she finally woke up from her coma. She initially wasn’t able to communicate but her sister’s video update shows that the LAHH member has since regained consciousness and her ability to speak.

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