Saba Faisal opens up about her cosmetic procedures

In an industry as competitive as film and television, it becomes inevitable for actors to undergo facial and cosmetic procedures, especially in cases where their age begins to work against them. Therefore, these procedures have become the need of the profession in the present day.

In a recent interview on Zindagi With Sajid Hasan, senior television actor Saba Faisal revealed how she regularly undergoes facial procedures such as botox treatments to maintain her looks. While the actor gets the treatment done every six to eight months, she emphasised that the treatments should be done in moderation so that one’s natural features and face shape are retained.

As Hasan recalled his harrowing hair transplant experience, the conversation turned towards the unavailability of local doctors specialising in such procedures. Agreeing with Hasan’s concerns, Faisal reiterated how it is essential for everyone to do their research before trusting a professional with their health and body. Faisal, who has a trusted doctor in Lahore she regularly visits for these treatments, feels content with her choice.

Faisal added that there is no shame in getting these procedures done, so she feels no need to hide it. Arguing against the taboo attached to these procedures, the actor said, “Why should I lie? I do get these treatments done, and there’s no shame in getting them done. As you age, if you can maintain your looks and look your best for however long with these treatments, then you should go for it.”

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