Dhanush officially a part of The Gray Man sequel, shares video announcing his return as Avik San

The Russo Brothers’ action movie The Gray Man, in which actor Dhanush most recently appeared, will be followed by a sequel. After the original movie’s premiere, Netflix revealed that future instalments of the franchise were in development, including a spin-off and a sequel starring Ryan Gosling. Dhanush announced on social media on Saturday that he will be making a comeback as the assassin Avik San, a.k.a. Lone Wolf.

He wrote on Twitter, “The Gray Man universe is expanding and the sequel is coming… Lone Wolf is ready, are you? #TheGrayMan.”

Along with the post, he included an audio clip in which he left a message for Ryan Gosling’s Sierra Six character. Additionally, it appears that this time Six and Avik San are looking for the same individual.

For the unversed, when asked about his role in The Gray Man and how he bringers danger with his body language, he told Film Companion, “It’s about conviction. Be it romance, or sad scenes, or comedy, it’s all about conviction – how much you can do justice to the character you are playing. It was an issue I faced in the early stages of my career. I had to find a way — action is a very big part of Indian films and I had a lean physique. Now a protagonist can be thin and wiry, but back in 2000, it was not like that. There was a grammar, you needed to be big to beat up 4 to 5 guys. I was launched in 2002, I started filming in 2000. Around 2005 and 2006, I had to find a way to convince the audience that I could beat up four to five guys. I had to work on my body language and do it with conviction. So, it’s lot of training and experience. I would like to thank all the stunt choreographers who I worked with in the past 22 years. It’s because of what I’ve learnt from them that I’m doing stunts in a Hollywood film.”

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