Garcelle Beauvais Felt Reluctant To Share ‘Really Scary’ Bill Cosby Encounter In Memoir, After Claiming She Suspected He Allegedly Drugged Her Drink

Garcelle Beauvais initially hesitated to include her “really scary” encounter with Bill Cosby in her memoir, “Love Me As I Am,” after allegedly being invited back to the actor’s home in the 1980s. The 55-year-old opened up about the process of writing her book on the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” where she admitted to feeling unsure of how much she was willing to share with her readers. “There were things I thought I had peace around, and when writing the book I realized, No, there’s no peace around that, it’s still haunting you,’” she said.

Previously, Beauvais, who began her career as a model living in New York before landing a small part on “The Cosby Show” in 1986, revealed how the agency she was signed to at the time called to let her know that Cosby had been in contact to get her number. She told her team to pass her details over to him and didn’t make anything of the request. From there, Beauvais told Radio Andy in May how she was invited to meet Bill, who seemingly showed an interest in mentoring the then-aspiring actress, but said she was “freaked out” when he offered her a drink that left her feeling unwell.

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“I get there and he asked me if I want to have a drink and I, I was a baby. I was like, ‘Sure.’ And he gave me Sambuca […] And I remember taking a sip and not feeling great. And something told me to get out of there. And I literally got up and I ran out of there and I got into a cab and I went to my apartment and I was freaked out.”

When she was quizzed on whether she believed Cosby may have spiked her drink, the mother-of-three didn’t even hesitate to answer, responding, “I absolutely think there was.” Furthermore, while some would wonder why Beauvais didn’t come forward in 2017 when dozens of women had accused Cosby of sexual misconduct among other serious allegations, she didn’t believe there was enough evidence on her end to speak out about it.

There were also concerns about how fans would perceive her if she came out and shared her not-so-pleasant meeting with Cosby, considering the incident happened almost 40 years ago, with Beauvais saying she didn’t want people to assume she was “jumping on the bandwagon.”

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To date, over 45 women have accused Cosby of sexual harassment, rape, and misconduct, though he and his legal team have vehemently denied all claims. In June 2021, the disgraced Hollywood star’s sexual assault conviction stemming from a 2018 ruling was overturned, cutting Cosby’s stint behind bars from 10 to just three years.

“Cosby’s convictions and judgment of sentence are vacated, and he is discharged,” the justices shared in their opinion.

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