What will be the Vice President’s monthly salary?

The elections for the post of India’s Vice President are underway today August 6, 2022, and the results are likely to be announced the same day. From the ruling National Democratic Alliance, vice presidential candidate Jagdeep Dhankar was announced (NDA) whereas Margaret Alva was named as the candidate by opposition parties, led by the Indian National Congress (INC).

It is important to note that after the President, the Vice President is the country’s second-highest constitutional post. The Vice President leads the Rajya Sabha as the chairman of the Parliament’s Upper House. The VP also serves as the President’s caretaker.

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Let’s now take a look at the perks, pensions, salary, and allowances of the Vice President of India. 

Vice President’s salary 

The Vice President of India’s monthly salary is Rs 4 lakh. The salary was increased in the 2018 budget from the earlier Rs 1.25 lakh per month. 

Vice President of India: Perks and allowances 

Apart from the monthly salary, the Vice President of India gets other perks including free medical care, free train and air travel, a landline connection, and mobile phone service. The VP also has personal security and staff.

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In case the VP performs the President’s duty in their absence, they will receive the President’s salary and perks as well. 

Vice President of India: Pension 

The Vice President of India receives 50% of their salary as a pension.  They also continue to receive several benefits apart from the pension. The Finance Ministry is responsible for paying the salary and pension of the Vice President. 

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