NYC Man Falls To His Death In Garbage Chute After Attempting To Get His Keys • Hollywood Unlocked

As two people looked on, a Brooklyn man fell to his death after attempting to retrieve his keys from a garbage chute.

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The incident occurred on the first floor of the Medgar Evers apartments in Stuyvesant Heights around 4 am Thursday. According to the Daily Mail, the man’s keys accidentally went down the chute, and he climbed into the compactor, but surveillance footage didn’t show the keys being dropped. NYPD said the footage showed the man talking to another man before opening the compactor’s hatch and sliding halfway inside.

Moments later, he starts to lay down on the pit’s hatch as its being held down by a woman so he can slide down the chute. Seconds later, the hatch is closed. Investigators also reported that the man and woman used their phones to provide light for their friend.

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The man was found 15 minutes later where police described his body as “mutilated.” Tenants in the building also criticized the decision as they believed the man could’ve had a new set of keys instead of going down the compactor.

‘You can always get more keys made, but you can’t get another life. Why would you go get your keys in the incinerator? I’d leave them down there, wait for maintenance to come or get another pair made … I dropped my keys in an incinerator one time and I left them there,’

Another resident said they’ve never seen anything like the incident but added the victim didn’t have any common sense. ‘That is just dumb. They must not have common sense because you go to management to retrieve new keys. You don’t play next to nothing like that,” said Prince Watson.

Some of the neighbors said they didn’t recognize the people in the video and said it was common to have strangers in the building at certain times.

No further details about the incident or the man’s cause og death were released by police.

A similar incident occurred when a Penn State student fell to her death in a trash chute.

Last year, 19-year-old Justine Gross died after accidentally falling down a trash chute of her apartment building around 11:30 p.m. Authorities said she was alone in the room when she died and ruled her death accidental. Additionally, the medical examiner wrote in a toxicology report that Gross had marijuana and alcohol in her system. The investigation was closed by State College Police after they suspected no foul play in the incident.



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