Swaying people to her tunes, make way for DJ Khaali

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Her incredible energy, vibe, and tenacity as a growing DJing talent has brought her to the forefront of the industry.

To even think of entering the desired sector today can prove to be no less than a challenge, let alone making it huge in the same. Over the years, the world has witnessed the rise of many talented people who not just jumped into their desired industries but also thrived and how. It is thus necessary to throw more light on the successes of these professionals, who, in ways, more than one, make sure to leave no stone unturned in their niches to make the most of the opportunities, create newer ones and continuously innovate to become their best versions. Doing that and much more is one such passionate being named DJ Khaali, a DJing talent many lately have been talking about in the music world.

It won’t be wrong to say that DJ Khaali has been literally swaying people to her tunes; such has been the momentum she has created so far in the industry, growing to be a prominent name already. It was in 2016 that she dived deep into the DJing space, debuting at Egg London Club, the #1 club in the city famous for techno/tech house music, in which she specializes, besides EDM and Psy trance. Her success led her to start playing in another #1 EDM club in the UK, the Ministry of Sound club, which was rated among the top 100 worldwide. From gaining incredible success as a DJ, she turned into a producer as well, producing five mesmerizing EDM songs, infused with a certain level of “Desi” ness, showcasing her A-game in music by integrating her unique style in EDM and DJing while representing the Desi community.

After much success with her debut track “Awakening,” released in 2018, followed by other hit tracks like Rani with Punjabi producer Ankit Chauhan, Jannath, and Raja, she has never looked back. DJ Khaali has been slowly and steadily taking over the music scene in the UK and has so far also been featured on London and Time Square, London’s Iconic double-decker bus cover, and also New York Billboards. Since 2019, she has joined BIGO Live, emerging as one of the finest in the industry from the Asian community to have topped in England’s broadcasters club.

DJ Khaali is the one who founded Archangels Talent, the England-based biggest live-streaming agency, and now can’t wait to get back to her first love – music, and cross boundaries as a DJing talent, inspiring other budding talents worldwide.

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