Tamil Nadu, Kerala Forest Departments Conduct Searches to Treat Ailing Wild Elephant

Several teams from the Tamil Nadu and Kerala forest departments have started a joint search operation to locate an ailing wild elephant that was seen on August 15 near the interstate boundary in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore city.

Fifty forest workers in four groups have conducted searches in the Kerala forest area, according to Biju, the trench forest ranger, but they have not yet spotted the wild elephant.

All teams are making efforts to catch and treat the wild elephant roaming around in poor health conditions with mouth injuries in the Anaikatti area, bordering Tamil Nadu and Kerala, next to Coimbatore.

A total of 11 teams – seven teams in the Tamil Nadu forest area and four teams in Kerala – are engaged in searching for the elephant.

Biju stated that the searches are underway and no wild elephants have been sighted in the Kerala forest to date. Meanwhile, the wild elephant estimated to be around eight-year-old was last seen on August 15 near the Kodungarai River, while local villagers have been asked to contact the forest department if they come across the animal.

In response to complaints regarding the delay in treating the animal due to jurisdictional concerns with Kerala, the DFO said, “The animal had been brought under watch ever since the front line employees first saw it. Since the animal needed to be monitored initially, there was no delay in treatment. In accordance with vets’ recommendations, it was fed jackfruit and guava. The animal ate them, fled at night, and is now untraceable.”

The hunt would involve two ATR kumkis and veterinarians from Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve and Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR). According to officials, the animal is most likely collapsed from starvation as it suffers from mouth wound.​

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