With Free Classes, Live Session and Personalised Training, Biomentors prepares students for NEET Exams

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With Free Classes, Live Session and Personalised Training, Biomentors prepares students for NEET Exams

NEET is the first topic that is discussed when it comes to India’s medical institutes. The NEET exam, which is taken by millions of students, determines their future and pathway into the field of medical studies. It takes a lot of determination and courage to pass this test and gain admission to medical colleges in India or across the globe. The preparation for this competitive exam requires persistence and hard work coupled with the proper guidance. This is where coaching institutes come to play, but with the skyrocketing fees of the top institutes in the country, it becomes a dream for the students who don’t belong to financially well-off families. Owing to the same, India’s one of the best NEET preparation institutes, Biomentors is working diligently for the same. Be it revision test, proper mentorship, or live demonstration for NEET preparation, Biomentors covers it all.

Biomentors is well known for its distinctive teaching methodology that enables brilliant minds to reach unachievable heights. The company was founded in 2008 and had a legacy of over 15 years as an offline brick-and-mortar model institute. It also has a team of professional faculty who have been teaching for over 20 years, as well as more than 6.5 lakh+ happy students who have been taught via an online platform. Biomentors help students easily pass the most challenging medical entrance test, NEET, by combining cutting-edge technology with holistic teaching approaches. Their staff of highly qualified instructors guides students through the entire process and gets them ready to launch their dream careers.

Free Education for Marginalised Section

This coaching institute which renowned physician Geetendra Singh incepted, aims to serve the underprivileged segment of society after observing their problems. Being from the healthcare field, he also wanted to change things and help the state of the sector in India. Combining his hopes for a future India, he began instructing NEET hopefuls for very little money. He soon realized that moving it online was necessary to provide people with convenient access. As a result, he founded the online coaching program “Biomentors” in 2017 to assist students from various walks of life. Numerous NEET hopefuls have received instruction through the platform to date, and it has a record of 11,000+ selections into government medical schools. The learners can also access free YouTube tutorial videos from biomentors. In addition, they provide needy people with free scholarships and even pay the medical college tuition for deserving but struggling students. Nearly around 68 students have received scholarships from medical coaching so far, and the organization hopes to help as many students as possible in the near future.

Live training classes

Biomentors, a company committed to the needs of its students, selects vibrant, highly qualified teachers to guide and inspire students in the most effective ways possible, fostering self-assurance and a positive outlook while assisting them in imbibing success. Each student’s performance is monitored in the unified platform using cutting-edge data analytics. As a result, the educational institution gives students many opportunities to value education, learn the truth, and learn practical applications for it, ensuring a loving and supportive environment. The portal dives deeply into subjects with new video lectures filmed and posted daily along with sporadic live sessions, all in the name of high-quality education. Additionally, it enables one to communicate directly with the instructors and ask any questions they may have.

Personalized Strategies

Students can now realize their aspirations of passing the most challenging medical exam—the NEET—thanks to cutting-edge technology combined with engaging and holistic teaching techniques. Biomentors tend to focus on educating students in a setting that is comfortable for them. The power of technology mixed with tried-and-true teaching techniques keeps an eye on the pupils’ progress and inspires them to stretch beyond their comfort zones. Students have access to a simple and practical learning style thanks to faculty with more than 20 years of expertise, reasonable tuition, and top-notch instruction. The online portal has so far succeeded in selecting more than 11000 MBBS students into various government medical institutes using its Advanced Analytics System.

The institute takes pride in its excellent outcomes. Since 2017, more than 11000 MBBS candidates have been chosen via online Biomentors classes at various government medical colleges. There are many reasons for its achievement. Biomentors maintain a training schedule and deliver content online with the same army-like rigor. The organization’s use of sophisticated data analytics enables them to keep track of each student’s progress. The commandos of Biomentors are extraordinary, and each of the student groups, or battalions, is led by a commando who is a medical student by educational background.

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