When Ranbir Kapoor rejected JJ Abrams’ Star Wars for Ayan Mukerji’s film

Ranbir Kapoor and his film Brahmastra have breathed fresh air into Bollywood, and it has finally ended the dry spell at the box office. Director Ayan Mukerji’s dedication of a decade has finally paid off, and this was his dream that was supported by his lead star Ranbir. 

As the film is raking crores, Ranbir’s old interview about rejecting Hollywood’s big-budget Star Wars for Brahmastra is going viral. As per the report of News18, In 2016, Ranbir spoke to Rajeev Masand, and Kapoor added that he rejected Star Wars as he was asked to audition, and he fears going through the process of auditions. When Rajeev asked Ranbir if he wants to try out his luck in Hollywood, Ranbir straightaway said no, and stated, “I was asked to audition as the second lead in Star Wars a couple of years back. I have a fear of auditioning.”  

Ranbir added that he had insecurity about what if he gets rejected. “It’s more a fear of not having that much faith in my talent. But it doesn’t interest me.” Kapoor further added that he looks upon Ayan, “What Ayan Mukerji is making interests me more than Star Wars. Let’s make our own Star Wars. Let’s not chase what’s there. That’s great but I have an opportunity here and I don’t think Ayan is less than a JJ Abrams or a George Lucas. Let me work with him and make our own Star Wars.”

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as Shiva and Isha, has turned out to be a smash hit at the box office with movie-goers rushing to the theatres to see the visual spectacle created by the director Ayan Mukerji in the first part of the planned trilogy. After becoming the first bollywood film to lead the worldwide box chart with earnings of Rs 225 crore in the opening weekend, Brahmastra has now even crossed the Rs 150 crore mark in the net collections in India on its fifth day, as per the report in bollywood Hungama.


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