LA Woman Who Disappeared After Boarding A Bus To Atlanta Would Regularly Turn Off Her Phone To Stop Husband From Tracking Her Location, Claims Sister

A 34-year-old woman went missing last month, after boarding a Greyhound bus from Los Angeles en route to Atlanta, and her family is desperate to find clues on her possible whereabouts. According to reports, ShaLisa Pratt had planned to visit her family in the aforementioned city of Georgia where she grew up but never made it to her destination, and there’s been little to no indication of what could have transpired on her journey that prevented her from getting to Atlanta.

“I would have never imagined this in my whole entire life,” Pratt’s husband, Keith, told Yahoo News. “Me and her used to look at missing photos on walls. And like that’s crazy how a person can go missing, you know what I mean. Like she’s a missing person, and I’ve been trying to do everything that I can.”

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Keith shared that on August 22, he had called Pratt’s mother, Felisha Bridget-Smith, saying that her daughter had suffered a “mental health crisis” and decided she was going to visit her family in Atlanta as she headed to a bus station in downtown Los Angeles.  He was able to track his wife’s location through her phone, which showed she was, in fact, at a Greyhound stop in LA. He rushed over in the hopes of preventing her from leaving, but she insisted on taking the trip anyway. Her sister, Ebonee Best, has since claimed her sister was no stranger to turning off her phone so that Keith would not be able to track her down following a similar incident the month prior.

Pratt’s pinged location was later updated and showed she was in San Bernardino, where it appeared she had gotten off the Greyhound bus — and that was the last time Keith was able to see where his wife was. “That wasn’t even her stop, so we don’t know what made her get off at that stop [in San Bernardino], like she could have just kept going.

Keith gave Felisha a heads up on the situation but she decided to wait at the Atlanta bus stop in case her daughter was still on the bus after all. But when it arrived, Pratt was not one of the passengers to get out of the vehicle, which prompted her to file an immediate missing person report.

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“The biggest red flag for us is this thing happened before, I think a month ago [in July], and she got a Greyhound ticket and she called us with the information,” Pratt’s sister Ebonee Best continued. “She sent us a picture of her ticket to let us know like, ‘Hey, this is what my route is for my bus and I’m going to be turning my phone off’ so that you know, her husband couldn’t track her. And then, when she got to a certain destination, she would turn her phone back on and contact us.”

“She ended up getting off of the bus and going back to her husband the first time. So that’s why when he called my mom and told us all this information, we were like: OK, something is strange, because she hasn’t told us anything.”


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